Sunday, 20 April 2014


Happily, we haven't out grown Easter eggs around here.

We tried something new - we used Koolaid packets in 2/3 cup of water and they worked beautifully. Unfortunately, our grocery store only had Orange, Green (lemon-lime) and Cherry in stock, which limited the colours we made, but then the girls decorated the eggs with paint pens and I think they were our best yet. I am going to have to stock up on varieties of Koolaid this summer and save them for next spring.

We took our eggs with us to Lethbridge on Saturday to do some Eastering with the Norton cousins, including our newest cousin, Victoria.

We had a hotdog roast at Indian Battle Park, and we were lucky enough to watch a 2 mile train cross the 1 mile High Level Bridge. After lunch the kids had an Easter Egg hunt. (They found all but one plastic egg, and we finally gave up and left it there.)

For me the most fun was the egg roll. I have memories of doing egg rolls with my cousins, but the eggs generally got stuck in the grass and didn't go far.

These eggs really travelled! We climbed a steep staircase to the top of a coulee, and the beaten path next to the staircase created the perfect track for the eggs. Maxwell won the longest roll, and Carmen won the longest throw.

It was a gorgeous day!

Thursday, 27 March 2014


(That's what I've been calling it.)

Last spring Chloe got a little pink bubble on the inner corner of her right eye. Since then, it grew and grew. I had a couple of optometrists look at it, and they both said to leave it alone. But it grew more. And it started to bother Chloe - like she could feel it when she blinked. So I took her to an ophthalmologist, not to ask what he would recommend, but to ask him to take it off. Which he did.

Chloe was a champ. The doctor literally stuck a needle in her eye, and she was brave and calm through the whole (short) surgery. She was feeling so good that she wanted to school in the afternoon, but I knew that the anaesthetic was still working, and that she might not feel so well when it came out. Sure enough, after Five Guys and Marble Slab, her eye was bothering her and she willingly came home.

Her eye is red and itchy, but healing well. Hooray for modern medicine!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Honours for Chloe

Chloe had a big week a couple of weeks back. It was the Kiwanis Music Festival here in Calgary, and besides performing with her own grade 7 band, Chloe also performed with the Senior Band (grades 8&9). She worked very hard preparing for the festival, with twice the music to practise, and both bands sounded great! (Or so I hear, I couldn't go. Ken says they were great.)

Also, that same week, Chloe won her category for school science fair, and was selected to go on to the regional science fair in April. Congratulations, Chloe!

Thursday, 27 February 2014


As all birthdays around here, this one was about food: Carmen requested german pancakes for breakfast, and I brought her chicken caesar salad to school for lunch.
After drama rehearsal we went out for sushi for supper.

Then home again for lemonade cake!

Monday, 24 February 2014

Thursday was a big day; Saturday was pretty good also.

Last week on Thursday Carmen got her Learner's License and took her first spin around the church parking lot.

Chloe got her Science Fair Project all finished - 12 days ahead of schedule!

And the Canada Women's hockey team won another Olympic gold in overtime. This photo from Steven's school went viral.

Then on Saturday Carmen's basketball team won gold themselves!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

To Hana and Back

We left The Royal Lahaina after a week to spend the last few days of our holiday in Hana. We bought a guide CD to play in our car as we drove the famous Road to Hana. 

Our first stop along the road was at Ho-opika Beach Park where we watched and fantasized about our future skills.

We drove with our windows down, and enjoyed the eucalyptus scent all along the way. I couldn't get over the beauty of the bamboo forest. It made me think of Dr. Seuss' truffula trees for some reason.

Waikamoi Nature Trail was a short loop we walked within a bamboo forest.

We also stopped at the Ke'anae Arboretum, which I wouldn't do again. It is pretty poorly maintained, and the information posted is limited. We did at least find out the name of this tree we'd seen elsewhere on the island: Painted Gum (a type of eucalyptus)

I loved the volcanic rock against the ocean in Ke-anae. It reminded us of the Creation.

We took more photos together in Hawaii than we have all year!

Pa'iloa Bay
(The famous Hana black sand beach)
I think the green against the black was so beautiful, but we didn't return to spend more time at this beach later,

because it needs another 100 000 years to crush down to really fine sand. We did explore the caves and the lava tubes before we left.

While we were in Hana, we rented a house through VRBO because the main resort, Travaasa Resort, was very pricy. However, the minimal rental on our VRBO was 3 days, which kept us in Hana longer than we would have otherwise stayed. So next time I would stay at the lovely Travaasa Resort for just one night. Because in my opinion Hana is worth a second day.

Our second Hana day was spent at Haleakala National Park at Kipahulu.

We started with the 4 mile (return) hike to Waimoku Falls, where we passed this banyan tree. It seems we missed the larger banyan tree in Lahaina (saw it, but didn't appreciate it at the time), but I thought this one was impressive.

I had read so much about the bamboo forest leading to the Waimoku Falls, that it seemed like a shame that I'd already been-there-done-that the previous day on the Waikamoi Nature Trail.

But it was magical. It was a windy day, and instead of the sound of rustling of leaves we were surrounded by the gentle knocking of the hollow bamboo stems together. Ken took 10 seconds of video to capture it on his phone, and I really need to download it onto my computer. It was the highlight of the hike for me.

The falls were tall, but not particularly impressive. The reality being that if they had been impressive, the trail would have been closed because we had to cross the creek several times, and impressive falls would have meant high creek levels.

After the hike, we walked down to the Pools of Ohe'o 

We took a couple of pictures, and then returned our camera to our car and got in the fresh water pools ourselves.

Sunday in Hana we attended the branch there, and then sat out in the sun and read our books. Thank goodness we bought Ken a book in Lahaina. I read several books on our holiday. I also finished reading The Book of Mormon again. Jaclyn's mission president invited parents to join their missionaries in reading the entire Book of Mormon in the month of January. I was on track anyhow, but thanks to the extra free time of a holiday I finished in 3 weeks total. I've never read The Book of Mormon fast like that, and I loved it. I was thinking of doing it again in February, but in these first few days I've noticed I'm skimming instead of reading this time, so I think I'd better slow down.

Monday morning we shook the sand out of our belongings, showered off, and got ready to catch our plane home that night. We met up with our friends (who we have run into on other holidays - unplanned) for a photo op. We ended up spending the entire afternoon in the sun for the perfect end to a perfect vacation.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


I learned an important lesson from my parents when I was growing up about taking advantage of good weather on holidays. Even though the forecast was for beautiful weather all week, Ken and I jumped on the priority of taking surf lessons on the first day we could (Monday). As it turned out, on Tuesday Maui was hit with a North Swell (I still have no idea of what that really means) and the ocean was relatively rough and churned up for the rest of our trip to the point that rental places weren't renting out surf boards or paddle boards later in the week. At least not to beginners.

We took lessons out of Goofy Foot Surfing School. The truth is, this was Ken's idea, and mostly I wanted to get it over with. In fact, once we were in the water I had to seriously work to keep my anxiety (bordering on anger for being in the situation at all) in check. Fear is a strange thing. I like to think I hid it well.

It turned out the hardest part for me was paddling back out again against the surf. As Ken has pointed out, there is a reason surfers have big shoulders.

Ken absolutely loved it. He loved the ocean in Maui with a passion, and if it had been available I think he would have done more surfing. 

I probably would have joined him.